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Yukio Kobayashi

Our office’s philosophy is to provide the best personnel management by considering our clients’ next steps from their point of view. We offer services pertaining to human resources, such as social security procedures, payroll accounting services, and personnel-related advising.
I believe that business enterprises grow by effectively using the management resource known as “people”, building a thriving human resources system, and working hard to continue and maintain business operations.
With the experience we’ve cultivated, combined with our legal expertise and know-how, we can help resolve your managerial concerns regarding human resources.
We are labor and social security attorneys. Bearing in mind the Labor and Social Security Attorney Code of Ethics described below, we aim to provide human resources services that suit our clients’ needs so that our office may continue to positively contribute to society.

May 1, 2019

Kobayashi Roumu
Senior Partner, Kobayashi Roumu Corporation, Labor and Social Security Attorney Corporation
Labor and Social Security Attorney
Yukio Kobayashi

Labor and Social Security Attorney Code of Ethics

The code of ethics for labor and social security attorneys states, “we must maintain dignity, constantly build character, and faithfully carry out our work with utmost responsibility.”

The Duties and Responsibilities of a Labor and Social Security Attorney

Maintain Dignity
社Labor and social security attorneys must maintain dignity, value trust, be neutral and impartial, and carry out their work in good faith with a strong sense of responsibility.

Cultivate Knowledge
Labor and social security attorneys must be aware of the importance of their public service and duties, and must always cultivate their specialized knowledge to master those duties, both in theory and in practice.

Promote Trust
Labor and social security attorneys must be trustworthy to their clients by clarifying their duties and responsibilities and fulfilling their contract agreements in good faith.

Mutual Loyalty
Labor and social security attorneys must mutually respect each other and constructively exchange knowledge, techniques, and information. They must not behave in a way that would betray that trust.

Confidentiality Obligation
Labor and social security attorneys must not disclose or steal confidential information learned through their duties. They must maintain confidentiality even after the work is discontinued.

Company Policy and Business Philosophy

Company Policy

Make work fun through teamwork.

Business Philosophy

We shall provide the best personnel management by
considering our clients’ next steps from their point of view.

*Personnel management is comprised of systems put into place so that employees are motivated to work.
In other words, it includes accurate payroll accounting, rapid processing of insurance documents, drafting lawful employment policies and other regulations,
building fair human resource and wage systems, and organizing training systems.

  1. We will not make you wait for our response.
    Specifically, we promise that we will answer the phone within two rings, and if being put on hold is necessary, you will never be on hold for longer than 10 seconds.
    We will reply to your emails within 6 hours of receiving them and will make an effort so that you never have to explicitly ask us for an update on your situation. (*1)
  2. We will quickly and accurately process your legal documents regarding labor and social security.
    Specifically, regarding letters of resignation and continuous employment benefits, we will process the paperwork within 3 business days of receiving your information and will send the deliverables within 2 business days upon completion. (*2)
  3. We will always be on your side concerning our work.
    Specifically, if you have a matter of urgency or a schedule change, we will work to solve your issue even if your contact person is unavailable. We will be thorough in our reports, communication, and consultations so that we can complete work to your satisfaction.
  4. We will be detail-oriented in our payroll accounting, and ensure accuracy in our calculations.
    Specifically, we will create a monthly accounting checklist and an original checklist for each client that we can reference as we complete our work, regardless of the scale of our contracted payroll operations, to prevent human error as best we can.
  5. Our information security management system (ISMS) will be regularly revised and improved upon in order for us to fulfill these duties.

September 20, 2019
Kobayashi Roumu Corporation, Labor and Social Security Attorney Corporation
Managing Partner
Miyuki Uemura

*1: Our regular work hours are 9 AM to 5 PM on weekdays. Some services may not require a response within a 6-hour timeframe.
*2: If we are contacted before 2 PM on a business day, that day will count as one business day. Issues regarding payment may take some time to process depending on the government agency’s schedule.


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Special Contributions From:
Hisanaga Kawamura/Takanori Sato, Japan Economic Revitalization Bureau, Cabinet Secretariat
Kazuyoshi Ōnishi/Mizuki Sakakibara, Government Information Systems Planning Division, Administrative Management Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
With Help From:
■Social Security Information System Developer Association
Yukio Kobayashi, Labor and Social Security Attorney (Kobayashi Roumu)
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