Greeting – Kobayashi Roumu Corporation


Miyuki Uemura

Ever since our company was founded in 1993, we have constantly worked to foresee our clients’ next steps from their perspectives to provide outsourcing and other services pertaining to human resources.
It is our company’s mission to build workplace environments where people can work with enthusiasm for the company that employs them and to continue to provide our services in perpetuity.
In 2018, our company’s 25-year anniversary, we held an internal control audit to achieve an even higher level of security.
Also, beginning in 2013, our company has implemented policies such as zero overtime and encouraging employees to take 100% of their paid leave, as we continue to strive to become an even better company.
We believe that by building a more inviting work environment, and by creating a workplace with high levels of employee satisfaction at our own company, we are able to give more realistic advice to our clients.
Beginning this year, we have made it our business philosophy to “aid our clients in making their businesses more efficient and contribute to the infrastructure of society”, and aim to further expand our outsourcing work.
We thank you for your generous support and encouragement.

June 1, 2020

Kobayashi Roumu
Representative Director and President, Kobayashi Roumu Corporation
Specialized Labor and Social Security Attorney
Miyuki Uemura

Company Policy and Business Philosophy

Company Policy

Make work fun through teamwork.

Business Philosophy

Aid our clients in making their businesses more efficient
and contribute to the infrastructure of society.

Our Initiatives

We believe that excellent service is a result of an excellent workplace environment, even at our own company. The following are our company initiatives to help create a more pleasant workplace at Kobayashi Roumu.
Every day, we strive to create a workplace environment that is organized and enjoyable so that we can give the most sound personnel consultations and advice.

Improving Productivity and Zero Overtime

As of 2013, we have been a zero-overtime workplace.
In order to improve productivity, social security and labor insurance applications were changed from paper to digital. Due to this change, despite seeing an 85% decrease in overtime compared to the previous year, our sales increased by 20% (2014 data).
These results led to our selection as a certified company by the Tokyo Work-life Balance Overtime Reduction Initiative Group.
To help spread these initiatives to businesses across Japan, our company also develops and markets online application form submission software (
To this day, our zero-overtime initiative is still in place.


Paid Vacation Time Rates

In the last 3 years, approximately 85% of paid vacation time was taken at Kobayashi Roumu.
As we continue to facilitate a work environment where employees can feel comfortable taking their paid vacation time, we create our work schedules with those vacation days in mind. We also encourage our employees to take extended time off by combining their paid vacation days and their refreshment leave for 14 consecutive days or more.

Childcare Leave Rates

Kobayashi Roumu has been recognized by the Minister of Health, Labor, and Welfare as a childcare-supporting business.
100% of childcare leave time was taken by female employees (7 employees). We have also given male employees parental leave in the past.

Implementation of a Work-from-home System

We are implementing a work-from-home system as part of our efforts to create a workplace that encourages childcare and caregiving. We have set up software for drafting regulations, documents, etc., and have also covered hardware requirements, such as configuring internet environments and purchasing new computers, to facilitate working from home.
We were able to implement this system smoothly through a 1,000,000 JPY subsidy from the city of Tokyo.

Short-time Permanent Employee System

Full-time employees may switch to being short-time permanent employees at any time. This option is not only for employees who must work fewer hours due to childcare or caregiving needs, but is also for employees who are attending courses for self-development to earn new qualifications, who are doing volunteer work, etc.
Short-time work for childcare is available until the employee’s child is in their third year of elementary school.

Changes in Our Services

We are continuing to develop service packages such as online labor consultation and our “Worry-free Package” series.
We also hope to further improve our company’s reputation through these initiatives.

Awards and Recognitions

Selected as a Tokyo Lively Workplace Promoting Business.
Selected as a 2014 Tokyo Work-life Balance Certified Business.
  • Established a committee to reform how working hours are set and examined target scheduling and ways to reduce working hours.
  • Established efforts to achieve zero overtime hours by making computers unusable after normal working hours.
  • Held meetings within teams to discuss how to further streamline business operations.
  • Standardized work tasks to improve interchangeability.
  • Eliminated duplicate work tasks to improve and facilitate information sharing.


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