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Use of This Website

The Kobayashi Roumu website (“this Website”) offers information-providing services (“Services”) concerning organizational changes in Kobayashi Roumu Corporation, Labor and Social Security Attorney Organization Kobayashi Roumu, and Administrative Procedures Legal Specialists Nonaka and Kobayashi (“this Organization”).
By using this Website, the user agrees to abide by these Terms of Service. Also, by accessing the Services, the user has agreed to these Terms of Service.
These Terms of Service may change without prior notice when necessary. Please review the most up-to-date Terms of Service on this webpage.

Terms of Service

1. Use of Services

  • Users of this Website agree to abide by all relevant laws and ordinances when using the Services.
  • This organization prohibits users from engaging in profit-making activities with the Services provided, through the usage of the Services provided, or through access to the Services provided.

2. Links

  • Generally, links to this Website are permitted. However, linking to this website is prohibited if the website where the links will be placed has immoral or illegal content, or risks thereof.
  • Links to this Website should link to the top landing page.

3. Handling of Personal Information

Personal information obtained from users of this Website, such as names, e-mail addresses, etc., will be handled in accordance with the separate document, “Basic Policy for Personal Information Protection”.

4. Copyright

Materials that comprise all or part of the information provided by this Website (databases, charts, images, explanation text, etc.) are owned or edited by the individual or corporation providing said material to this Website with their permission, and are protected by copyright law.
Conduct that is unauthorized and goes against copyright law (copying, duplication, printing, quoting or reprinting, distribution, display, transmission, recording, etc. of this Website without express permission) for both commercial and non-commercial purposes, is prohibited.
Unauthorized changes to the Website are prohibited in accordance with copyright and unauthorized computer access prohibition laws.

5. Disclaimer

This Organization does not accept responsibility or liability for problems or damage caused by the use of this Website.
Also, the content of this Website may be suspended, terminated, or changed without prior notice, and this Organization does not accept responsibility or liability for problems or damage that occur as a result.

6. Compensation to This Organization

In the event that the Organization incurs fees for grievances or claims as a result of users accessing or connecting to the Services, non-compliance with these Terms of Service, or a third party’s violation of rights, the user agrees to pay all applicable fees (including compensation for damages).