Mental health – Support

As of December 2015, workplaces with 50 or more employees are required to perform stress checks, and companies are now more aware than ever of the importance of providing for the mental health needs of their employees. However, managers and HR supervisors, who are not medical professionals, may be very concerned about how to properly communicate with employees who have, or are suspected of having, mental health issues.
In order to fully support such business concerns, our company has a psychiatrist on-site once per week so that we can support your business with not only personnel management but also with occupational health.

Case Examples

Trading Company (Ongoing Contract)

The company sought out an occupational physician after growing larger than 50 employees.

Occupational Physician Contract 60,000 JPY monthly contract and 60,000 JPY per day
Stress Check 100,000 JPY initial fee, once per year (half price thereafter in subsequent years)
370 JPY per person for stress checks, with follow-up visits (included in the occupational physician’s daily fee)
Participates in health committee meetings once per month during regular visits.
Involved in selecting the initial health committee members.
Presents topics of discussion to the health committee, and works together with the health committee in their monthly proceedings.
The occupational physician noticed certain issues during their rounds, and discussed these issues with the health committee.
After half a year, the company was able to run the health committee on its own.
Stress checks were done online, but one person requested an in-person visit and was seen by the occupational physician.

IT Company (Single-Case Contract)

Reinstated Employee Visit 30,000 JPY per person
Carried out visits in our company’s occupational medicine room.
Created reports.

Employees who were on a leave of absence for mental health reasons were seen by an occupational physician before returning back to work. The occupational physician made a report of their findings.
Two employees returned to work following the occupational physician’s advice.

Manufacturer (Single-Case Contract)

Management Consultation 80,000 JPY per half day
Mental health consultation for managers, carried out on-site at the client’s company.

Consulted and gave advice to managers regarding a number of factory employees who were on extended leaves of absence for mental health reasons.
The managers would have group meetings regularly, then meet with the occupational physician individually to seek advice and discuss how to manage subordinates and coworkers who are unwell.