Labor Advising

A business enterprise’s competitive edge depends upon its employees. But unlike products or money, employees are not all created equally.
As labor advisers, we provide consultation and advising services for all matters related to human resources.
We provide day-to-day personnel management advice, as well as advice in other areas such as law amendment trends, document templates, and market wage rates.
Also, as we have many prior case examples to work from, we can quickly pull from our experience gained in working with other companies to provide recommended courses of action, and other such advice.

Creating and Editing Employment Policies

There are countless “employment policy” documents available for free on the internet.
In the event of an actual problem, however, a company must abide by its employment policies, even when these policies have simply been downloaded from a free website.
Employment policies that are too simplistic can lead to problems down the line.
On the other hand, a properly formatted company rulebook that is carefully followed can lead to successful personnel management.
It is difficult to change policies after an incident has occurred, so it is vital to define the policies correctly the first time, before such an incident happens.

Personnel System and Wage System Consulting

Rather than simply handing you a pre-made personnel and wage system, we will work to create an original system that suits your company’s individual needs.
As it is a vital component directly connected to your employees’ livelihoods, we will customize your system to properly fit your company’s unique situation.
At the same time, we will find solutions to your personnel concerns, such as appropriate comprehension, management, and implementation of working hours, as well as supervisor and managerial issues.

Observational Visits

Many employees who take time off or quit their jobs due to mental health issues, etc., may be unsatisfied with their employer.
A private meeting in such a workplace could lead to emotional outbursts or even unforeseen incidents.
A one-on-one meeting or even a meeting framed as “the company versus the employees” has plenty of potential for problems to arise.
In such circumstances, we as an impartial third party can record meeting minutes from a neutral standpoint in order to keep an objective record on hand. Such records can serve as concrete, reliable evidence should a dispute occur.
From the company’s standpoint, this shows consideration for your employees, and from the employees’ standpoint, they can feel reassured by the presence of a neutral third party.
We will carry out third-party visits that can only be done by labor and social security attorneys or, more specifically, that can only be done by an experienced, proven firm such as Kobayashi Roumu.

Labor Risk Assessment

We can detect labor risks that present themselves in your business, and clarify the issues at hand.
Not only do we assess and analyze issues that would be noticed by the Labor Standards Inspection Office, but we have also seen an increase in companies seeking assessment in order to prevent human resources problems before they happen, such as issues concerning increased business compliance regulations, or improving employees’ awareness of rights.
In particular, businesses aiming for an IPO must have a clear understanding of legal violation inspections regarding labor and labor compliance statuses, so that they can avoid such risks.

Corporate Training and Seminar Instruction

We hold regular seminars in our company’s seminar room, and we also facilitate external seminars and corporate training sessions.
Leave everything concerning human resources to us.

We offer two types of contracts. One is a continuous contract where, upon signing, we will thoroughly review your company’s information so that we can carry out daily tasks and quickly respond to labor consultation issues. The other type is a single-case contract for temporary increases in workload, documentation concerning labor and social security laws, authoring labor policies, and other situations requiring individual labor consultation.

Continuous Type

Contract Description Work Description
(1) Labor Advising Consultation, assistance, or direction pertaining to personnel and labor relations, including on-site visits.
(2) Online Labor Consulting Advising work such as consultation, assistance, or direction pertaining to personnel and labor relations, via e-mail or telephone.
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(3) Procedure Advising Document creation and form submission in adherence to labor and social security laws, on behalf of your company.
(4) Payroll Accounting Monthly payroll and bonus accounting.

– Continuous Type (Advising Contract) Proceedings –

  • With the ongoing-type contract, we will be well-informed of your company’s circumstances and can help your company choose the appropriate solutions for your company’s needs.
  • Consultations can also be provided over the telephone in urgent situations.
  • You can ask us about any relevant questions without having to worry about whether to ask the Labor Standards and Inspection Office or the Employment Service Center, streamlining your labor-related processes.
  • It is less costly than setting up an in-house labor department while providing even more benefits.

Single-Case Type

Contract Description Work Description
Consulting Contract We will work over a fixed term to achieve your desired results regarding employment policy creation, personnel system setup, IPO labor support, labor audits, and other tasks. An existing advising contract is not required.
Single-Case Contract We accept single-case contracts for other work procedures and consultation topics not mentioned in the above contract type. As a rule, an existing advising contract is not required.

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